State Seals Completed

We are happy to say that we have completed reliefs for 50 of the US State Seals. 

4m3D was commissioned by a David Putnam at Alamo City Gold & Silver to create all of these reliefs.  David uses them to createjewelry for the Law Enforcement professionals.  these seals will be used also in creating commemorative jewelry for the living spouses of officers killed in the line of duty.  We are very proud to be a part of this.  For information on David and his company please visit his site at

These state seals were created specialty to accentuate the details of each design that would be seen at a very small scale, under 10 mm. We have included a few examples of Davids work with our seals.  Alamo City Gold & Silver owns these seals and if you are interested in purchasing the reliefs, or his, work please contact him.

 Alamo City Gold & Diamonds   Alamo City Gold & Diamonds  Alamo City Gold & Diamonds   earlscott1.jpg

4m3D Creative Design Team 



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