Credit Suisse – Statue of Liberty

The Creative Design Team has just reciently finished a relief model of the Statue of Liberty for R. Perez Goldsmith to be used on top of a ring for the Credit Suisse. 

Credit Suisse - Statue of Liberty

This relief was created using a 3D Statue of Liberty mesh as a starting point.  This may seem an easy task, but making a full 3D model look good at a maximum Z heigth of 1mm is a bit of a trick

Credit Suisse - Statue of Liberty - Mesh

Mr. Perez was nice enought to send us a 3D rendering of the finished ring for us to post.  His work speaks for it’s self!

Credit Suisse - Statue of Liberty - Rendering1


Credit Suisse - Statue of Liberty - Rendering2

We are hoping to get a sneek peek at the finished ring… hint, hint. 

4m3D Creative Design Team


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