Wilson Coat of Arms

This job was commissioned by Mike Limb of Limb Jewelers (Midvale, UT).  His customer wanted a ring made with the Wilson coat of arms recessed into the top of the ring.

During the approval process we discovered what style of ring Mike’s customer was looking for.  To help them visualize the finished piece we went and found an image of the ring blank and mocked up the finished piece.  This was very helpful seeing as the customer was trying to choose between the 2 different styles. 

 Wilson Coat of Arms - Original     Wilson Coat of Arms - Relief

Wilson Coat of Arms - Ring 1     Wilson Coat of Arms - Ring 2

We feel that our ability to create mock ups for your customers is a very valuable way to help you cut costs, save time and in the end have much happier customers .

4m3D Creative Design Team



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