Special Puppy and a Special Ring

It should not be any surprise to our customers that 4m3D Creative Design has the ability to create either a small part of a final project or the entire finished piece.  The following examples are of recent projects we have work on… one is just a single element and the other the full finished 3D model used in production.

dog2-finished1The first example is a bas-relief puppy that was created from a picture submitted by our customer.  This relief was created in ArtCAM and exported as an STL model that will then be imported into the customers software.  The puppy will be added to a final ring project as the focal point in the center of the rings head.  This customer is not using ArtCAM so this is a perfect example of how we can provide our customers with models that will be compatible with may different pieces of software.

finished-rings-model1This next example is of a ring created in ArtCAM JewelSmith.  Our customer is using JewelSmith so we only needed to provide them the file so they could create the toolpaths and machine the final parts.  This ring was machined in two parts; the shank, and then the top.  We did this for several reasons, the 2 most important being to decrease the final weight and the other to increase the finished detail on the top.


In both cases the customer was very happy with the submitted models and the final recipient of the police ring was very proud.

That is it for this posting.  Please feel free to leave comments or ideas for future postings. 

Don’t forget to visit our official website for more examples of our work and customer testimonials.

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2 Responses to Special Puppy and a Special Ring

  1. Yasmin says:

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  2. 4m3d says:

    Thanks for the comment… We hope to have much more content in the future… Tips and tricks, Software reviews and maybe even a little video.


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